Book Reviews

by Otto Steinmayer, in
the New Straits Times, New Sunday Times, &c.


  1. 10 Apr 1991: "Anti-historical novel of unrelieved misery." Charles Palliser, The quincunx .
  2. 31 May 1991: "An insight into Brooke's raj." Henry Keppel, The expedition to Borneo of HMS Dido.
  3. 24 July 1991: "It's love that will make the world go on." Nicholas Mosley, Hopeful monsters . [novel]
  4. 28 July 1991: "Hollywood hacks and schmucks." Ian Hamilton, Writers in Hollywood.
  5. 11 Aug 1991: "Their majesties' 'secret histories.'" Elizabeth Longford, The Oxford book of royal anecdotes.
  6. 23 Aug 1991: "The future as we will suffer it." Alvin Toffler, Powershift .
  7. 28 Aug 1991: "Seven of the best from Argentina." Raul Galvez, From the ashen land of the virgin: conversations with Bioy Casares, Borges, Deveni, Etchecopar, Ocampo, Orozco, Sabato in Argentina.
  8. 30 October 1991: "Marquez makes history into magic." Gabriel García Márquez, The General in his Labyrinth. Penguin.
  9. 28 December 1991: "The best reads of the year/" Gabriel García Márquez, The General in his Labyrinth. Penguin.
  10. 15 Feb 1992: "Continuity and kinks, from Mosley's point of view." Nicholas Mosley, Imago Bird. [novel]
  11. 1 Mar 1992: "Thanks for these reprints." William O. Krohn, In Borneo jungles , and Carl Lumholz, Through central Borneo.
  12. 29 Mar 1992: "The master of pun and fun." S.J. Perelman, The most of S.J. Perelman.
  13. 11 Apr 1992: "Quantum leap for the 'experimental' novel." Nicholas Mosley, Catastrophe practice and Judith .
  14. 2 May 1992: "Wrong views of the Balinese corrected." Gordon D. Jensen and Luh Ketut Suryani, The Balinese people: a reinvestigation of character. OUP
  15. 13 June 1992: "History as it should be written." Graham Saunders, Bishops and Brookes: the anglican mission and the Brooke raj in Sarawak 1848-1941. OUP
  16. 15 August 1992: "Early Sarawak sketched with style and sensibility." Harriette McDougall, Sketches of our life in Sarawak, OUP
  17. 2 January 1993: "More best reads of 1993." Brian Vickers, Bali, a Paradise Created. Periplus.
  18. 3 April 1993 [Business Times ] "A guide to state of local arts in the 80s." Kee Thuan Chye, just in so many words. Heinmann.
  19. 24 April 1993: "In search of the monkey with the big snout." David MacDonald, Expedition to Borneo . S. Abdul Majeed.
  20. 8 May 1993: "Borneo before good human things got lost." Victor King, comp. and ed., The Best of Borneo Travel . OUP.
  21. 15 May 1993: "A major 'event' in Borneo studies." Charles Hose, The Pagan Tribes of Borneo. OUP.
  22. 25 Sept 1993: "OCD is OK but is it VFM?" The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations.
  23. 4 Dec 1993: "Post-modern satire on real life." Malcolm Bradbury, Doctor Criminale . Penguin.
  24. 22 Jan 1994: "Borneo before the deluge." Eric Hansen, Stranger in the Forest.
  25. 19 Feb 1994: "Hornaday's hunt." William T. Hornaday, The Experiences of a Naturalist in the Malay Peninsula and Borneo.
  26. 5 March 1994: "Photos say it all for Borneo's living beauty." Max Lawrence and Paul Chai, Borneo Alive.
  27. 21 May 1994: "Antiquity for the Common Reader." John Boardman et a;., The Oxford History of the Classical World.
  28. 30 July 1994: "Iban way to cope with change." Peter M. Kedit, Iban Bejalai .
  29. 29 Oct 1994: "Ritchie's ragout." James Ritchie, Bruno Manser: The Inside Story .
  30. 8 April 1995: "One of the noblest of men." Spenser St. John, The Life of Sir James Brooke.
  31. 12 April 1995: "Poets, by all means get worked up." Letter to editor, Literary Page.
  32. 13 May 1995: "Great guide to paradise." Adrian Vickers, Travelling to Bali.
  33. 30 Aug 1995: "Tough act following a tougher one." Joseph Heller, Closing Time.
  34. 18 January 1996: "Elegy in memory of the late judge Eustoffe." [English translation]
  35. 8 February 1996: "Elegiac verse to the memory of the ex-judge". [Latin text]
  36. 28 April 1996: "In defence of Abdullah Hussain." Letter to editor, Literary Page.
  37. 22 Oct 1996: "Understanding the middle voice."
  38. 16 Nov 1996: "Chances are you will like this book." Peter L. Bernstein, Against the Gods: the Remarkable Story of Risk.
  39. 11 Jan 1997: "Truth duller than fiction." Robert M. Gates, From the Shadows: The Ultimate Insider's Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War.
  40. 8 March 1997: "Getting a grip on shadow play." David Irvine, Leather Gods and Wooden Heroes: Java's Classical Wayang.
  41. 26 April 1997: "The best book on the subject." Robin Baker, Sperm Wars: the Science of Sex.
  42. 2 August 1997: "Postcards from the past." Rajah Brooke's Borneo .
  43. 9 August 1997: "Dyeing that's certainly not dead." Kim Jane Saunders, Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles of Indonesia.
  44. 1 April 1998: "Charged with grand larceny." Poking a little fun at Amir Muhammad.
  45. 3 Februaru 1999: "Poignant and panoramic." Bob Reece, Masa Jepun: Sarawak under the Japanese, 1941-1945.
  46. 19 January 2000: "Burma: Suffering is part of life." Rory Maclean, Under the Dragon: Travels in a Betrayed Land.
  47. 31 May 2000: "Champion of Iban self-sufficiency." Vernon L. Poritt, Bapak Guru Orang Bisaya, A Pioneer in Social Experimentation in Sarawak: Ro Bewsher,1910-1998.
  48. 9 August 2000: "The Most Offending Soul Alive." Judith M. Heimann, The Most Offending Soul Alive: Tom Harrisson and his Remarkable Life. New Reality , vol 3. no. 3 (May/June 2000), 8.
  49. 7 January 2001: "Useful and beautiful." Heidi Munan, Sarawak Crafts: methods, materials, and motifs.
  50. 7 March 2001: "The Orang Asli as they really are." Colin Nicholas, The Orang Asli and the Contest for Resources: Indigenous Politics, Development and Identity in Peninsular Malaysia.
  51. 1 April 2001: "Dennis Lau--images that capture the soul." Dennis Lau, Borneo: a Photographic Journey.
Review of Yong K.T., Tan Sri Datuk Amar Stephen : A Life Twice Lived: A Memoir  and Ong Kee Hui, Tan Sri Datuk (Dr): Footprints on Sarawak: Memoirs...  Journal of the Malaysian Branch, Royal Asiatic Society  vol. lxxiii part 1, 2000, 126-129.