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The Loincloth of Borneo [originally published in the Sarawak Museum Journal  vol. XLII, no. 63 (New Series) Dec 1991, 43-61].

A book review of Judith Heimann's biography of the famous borneologist Tom Harrisson,  appears at .   This is Jules Siegel's website.  He is a fine writer, artist, and person, and I recommend visiting him.

Review of Kenneth Rexroth's Poems fromt he Greek Anthology.

Did the Ancient Greeks know about Borneo?  Read this, "Satyrs and the People With Tails: a possible reference to Borneo in Ptolemy's Geography?"  [Sarawak Gazette . vol. cxviii, no. 1517, Sept. 1991, pp. 29-32] and see what you think.

I have also posted my column, written for the New Straits Times, 1991-1992, "Classic Ground."  These are essays, often humorous, on classical authors, and not just Greek and Roman. 

I've also posted the Book Reviews I wrote for the New Straits Times.

Bow and Arrow in the Groves of Ind. A mathematical/literary exploration of a few lines in Vergil's Georgics.

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Latin texts I've posted on the Net:

•The Elegies of Maximianus (c. 500 A.D.) are poignant.

•Here is a humorous 16th c. Latin poem by the scholar Passerat "On Nothing."

•Edmund Halley (he of the comet, an admirable guy) wrote a Latin poem that was prefaced to the first edition (which Halley financed) of Newton's Principia Mathematica. IN VIRI PRAESTANTISSIMI ISAACI NEWTONI OPUS HOCCE MATHEMATICO-PHYSICUM SAECULI GENTISQUE NOSTRAE DECUS EGREGIUM.

A translation of the commendatory poem by Halley, in 18th century style! NB: PDF format. Must have Adobe Acrobat to read.     HERE

•Two essays of Erasmus, which include translations!  The first is on the on the proverb 'Festina lente,' 'Make haste slowly,' and talks about Aldus Manutius and his famous device of the dolphin and anchor.
The second is on the proverb 'Herculean labors,' and is a long wail on the hardships of classical scholarship, rather funny.

•The very famous work of Richard Bentley, D.D. A Dissertation upon Phalaris, at

Two inspirational pieces for classicists:

•Richard Bentley's only poem , preserved by Dr. Johnson

•Basil Gildersleeve's commencement address, The Greatness of the Graduate

Peoples' writings typed and posted by me

Richard Garnett's The Twilight of the Gods, and Other Stories

[2 NOV 2005] The Art of Political Lying, a pioneer and satiric piece in the analysis of propaganda and publicity by Dr. John Arbuthnot, edited with introduction and notes.

Also relative to Sarawak

Four chapters from Richard Halliburton's The Flying Carpet, describing his visit to Sarawak, with a glimpse of Ranee Sylvia, Tun Jugah as a young man, and the exciting story of Temenggong Koh's first ride in an airplane!

But that's not all!....

NEW!!  Rev. Sydney Smith's "Too Much Latin and Greek."  A devastating attack on the useless and punishing British system of classical education in the early 19th century.