Otto Steinmayer: Particulars of Teaching at Universiti Malaya

Courses by Session, &c.
Teaching Materials Compiled
Departmental and Administrative Duties
Ministry of Education

Courses taught included

a) Courses by session, course number, and subject/author

1. Session 1988-89 [second semester]

2. Session 1989-90 3. Session 1990-91 4. Session 1991-92 5. Session 1992-93 6. Session 1993-94 7. Session 1994-95 8. Session 1995-96

b) Teaching Materials Compiled

  1. A Handbook of English Grammar
  2. A Guide to Literary Style
  3. Figures of Speech
  4. An Introduction to Logic for English Literature Students.
  5. The Rhetorical Theory of the Imagination
  6. Anthologies of poems and short prose pieces for courses in the Education and Science faculties

c) Departmental and Administrative Duties 

d) Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia [Malaysian Examinations Board, Ministry of Education]